Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zermatt... again

After going to Zermatt and failing to see the Matterhorn on Monday due to such crappy weather, when we woke up yesterday morning and saw it was a clear day we decided to head back and try again. It was a 3 hour train ride to get there and when we got there we realized we had done just about everything there is to do in Zermatt on Monday. So we found a nice shady spot and I sat and drew until my pen ran out of ink and then went back to the restaurant where Whit got the Vegetable Lasagna she regretted not getting before and I got the same pizza that I got before. And that was it. But now we've seen the Matterhorn so we can mark that off our bucket list.

Today was really relaxing. We went to church and then went back to the Cathedral there in Sion to photograph some of those stained glass windows again. Whit assured me that it was the last time we would do that. I approached it differently this time, taking smaller, more detailed shots and letting photoshop stitch them all together. This one is still somewhat distorted but I'm not going to mess with it until I get home and can work with the RAW files. Of all the stained-glass we've seen here these have been my favorites. I love the geometric style. It actually reminds me somewhat of the covers to the Harry Potter books. But I love how much story there is in all of them. And can anyone figure out what the story is in the lower left corner? It might be part of the Garden of Eden, I mean, they are naked but who's the guy with the triangle around his head. Then there's that little rainbow that got me thinking that maybe it has something to do with Noah? I really don't know and any input would be appreciated.

Tomorrow we're probably going to go to Interlaken and Grindelwald. Later.


Morgan said...

I changed my site address. I hope you don't mind updating it!

Adrienne said...

yes I have a blog. Get over it. I'm just as nerdy as you. But Matt. I read the most recent of your posts and as it turns out, you're a liar. You told me that you were going to tell everyone that your bff accomplished her goal and grew some calves. But I saw nothing to that effect. Thanks. A lot.