Sunday, June 8, 2008


Finally a day off. We took advantage of it and slept in and then just kicked it around here until around 1 o'clock. Finally we started getting pretty antsy so we decided to head down to Aigle, just down the mountain and check out the castle down there. So many castles are in Switzerland that many of them have started to put museums inside or some other kind of gimmick to try to bring more people in, and this castle was no different. It is surrounded by fields and fields of grapes used to make white wine so the inside of the castle is mostly devoted to that, including a small museum/gallery of wine labels.

I've loved just about all of the food we've had here with very few exceptions. Dinner tonight was delectable. They took the same stinky gym sock cheese and would place the front of it close to a heat source. When a layer would get melty they would scrape it off onto a plate and we would then eat it with bacon, potatoes or bread. I just couldn't get enough and went back for a total of 4 times until I finally ran out of things to eat the cheese with.

Here are a couple pictures from today:
The fog finally cleared and we woke up to this view out our window.

Here's a view of the castle from one of its windows.

I really liked this wine label.

And for some reason I really like this room. It's in the process of being restored/renovated and there were a couple drawings on the walls.

Tomorrow we go to Luzern.


Heather said...

This is all SOOOOO cool! I love it!

lorimom said...

so did you go see the arbonne home office when you were in Sion like you were supposed to? priorities, please!!!