Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today we went to Bern. We started the day at the SBB's poster archives which was pretty cool to see some of there really old posters and hear about the different campaigns. From there we went to the Communication Museum which was pretty fun. Whit really liked it. They had a lot of interactive displays and we ended up spending most of our day in there. And, that's about it. We also saw 3 H&Ms on the same street! It was crazy. But it's a pretty good store so we were happy enough about it.

Well, I really need to get in the shower.

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Em said...

Matthew! Its Emily (Anderson-or Bunnell, whatever) and I just discovered your blog via Nikki's page. woohoo. I just browsed it all and 1stly, Love the eurotrip pics, it sounds like a great experience. Wish I coulda gone. 2ndly. I absolutely LOVE your woodcuts. I guess I haven't seen most of your prints but they are truly amazing. Steve Zissou, I loved him the first time I saw him in the glass case. So kudos to you for a nice blog and all that stuff. Em :D