Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday and Zermatt

Okay, I'll try to make this quick. Yesterday we went to the branch in Sion for Sacrament Meeting. The opening hymn was probably the closest I've ever felt to being at Hogwarts. They handed out English Hymns to everyone who spoke English (3/4 of us) and the rest had their French Hymnals, and then we all sang together. There wasn't anything even close to resembling a harmony. After that I went back to the cathedral there to take pictures of the stained-glass windows there. I took multiple exposures so I could mess around with the HDR stuff and overall I'm happy with the results, the pictures definitely turn out better if you can do it. The new pictures I took were really only slightly better than the old ones and I think I'm going to go back this Sunday. It was incredibly weird to walk over to the cathedral though. Last time we were there it was the middle of this street festival and the beginning of Euro 2008 so all the streets were packed. This time the streets were dead. Everything's closed on Sundays so nobody goes anywhere, it was actually really nice.

Today we went to Zermatt to attempt to see the Matterhorn. Sadly it was covered by clouds all day but the day was pretty nice anyways. We didn't have anything to do aside from take pictures and we had over 5 hours there so we just got to wander the streets and take things pretty easy. I've been going back and forth about getting a Swatch and after two weeks of debate and checking out every Swatch store I've seen I finally made my decision today. I'm really happy with the one I've got and I think I've figured out the whole cronograph thing.

Most of my pictures from the town didn't really work out, or will need some time in Photoshop to get them ready so the rest of the pictures posted are ones from the train.

This was taken in a tunnel that had slots along the side to let light in. If you looked straight at it there was this feeling of looking at a flipbook so I thought I'd see how the sensor in my camera would pick it up.

And this one I focused on the reflection in the window. For the first few days we were all so excited about the trains and constantly stared out the windows not wanting to miss anything, now it's just part of our life. The outside world is screaming by and we're busy sleeping or reading.

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Heather said...

I LOVED Zermatt! That's where we went. It's an amazing little place.