Saturday, June 7, 2008


We spent the day in Sion today. It was also the first day of the Euro 2008 soccer tournament so there were a bunch of fanatics on the street. So let's see, first we went to this church to see this altarpiece that is made of solid gold. It was cool to see but we couldn't get up there very close so I don't think most of us appreciated it as much. What was really cool were the stained-glass windows. The picture posted here is one of maybe 15 fantastic windows in the building that seemed to be glowing. I apologize for the the distortion, it was in an effort to show the picture a little better. Hopefully I'll be able to get back there sometime with somebody's tripod so I can get some better pictures of it all. From there we made our way through Old Town Sion up one of the two huge hills in the middle of the city to this church that houses what is claimed to be the oldest playable organ in the world where we had the opportunity to hear a half-hour private concert. When we were done with that we were left with the rest of the day to ourselves to roam and take pictures. One major highlight of the day was my first experience of a Kebab, which despite my preconceptions is not grilled meat and vegetables on a skewer. I was instantly converted.

We have the day off tomorrow, which feels weird. Even when we were up at the hospice and had quite a bit of free time we were forced to keep our eyes on the clock so we wouldn't be late to one of our many meals or informational meetings, whatever.

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