Sunday, September 28, 2008


For my last assignment in Illustration Concepts we were given an article by Garrison Keillor called "Poor America" and asked to do an editorial illustration on it. Here is mine.


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hey matt! just stumbled upon the fact that you are a 'follower' on my blog? i don't know anything about the follower feature, but it was fun to clickety-click to this here blog of yours.

1. tell whit hi & hello
2. i think your KFB is way cool-lookin'
3. i think i have an answer to your dilemma of how to reply to peoples' comments. well, it's just what i do: if they tend to comment/check my blog often, i'll reply on the same comment linked to the post. if they are someone i rarely talk to, i might go to their blog & comment on the most-recent post. my sister-in-law jordan is an avid blogger & i've noticed she always replies to comments on the same comment list... so really, i might have just confused you.

Thanks for allowing my extra-long comment. I'll be linking you to mine, if you don't mind...