Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting some stuff off my chest.

1. When people post a comment on my blog how do I answer? Do I post a comment on that same post hoping that at a later date they will remember which post they had commented on and check to see if I wrote back? Or, do I go to their blog and comment on a random post? I have to ask questions like this here because my mom, who is my go-to for questions of etiquette, doesn't know anything about blogs.

2. When updating my "status" on Facebook do I continue to refer to myself in the third-person since it starts out with "Matt Nelson [is]...?" Because I really don't want people to start referring to me as "The Matt" a la Seinfeld.

3. Though I have heard some good music on some, I hate when people put music on their blogs because I am invariably listening to music myself and then I start getting that really bad mixing thing happening and I can't ever figure out how to turn their music off, or if you even can. No offense to my wonderful friends who have music on their blogs, I still love you I just hate your blog.

And on the subject of music:
4. Genius on the new version of iTunes. Love it.

5. Weezer's Red Album. I'm really liking it. It could very well be my favorite complete album of theirs.

Ok, I'm done ranting. My Illustration Concepts class had the project of designing a book cover for a book by Ernest Heminway. Here's mine. There are still things I would like to change (as always) but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

We also found out about our Print Exchange for this semester. It will be called "Light My Fire" and will envolve using an Intaglio process to do a matchbox cover. We're all pretty excited about the prospect. None of us have worked on anything that small before so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.


Morgan said...

Um, Leave a reply, if you have one, on their blog, most recent post. Sometimes I reply within my own post, if the person commenting is someone I know checks in frequently.

I think to each his own with music, but please, don't put it on auto play. Give your readers the choice right? I admit I've done this, when I was a younger blogger, I've learned. Forgive me?

Amen to the Weezer album!

Farlanderz said...

i prefer handwritten letters as a response...

Adrienne said...

Here are two reasons why I think we might be the same person:
1. I was discussing replying to blog comments YESTERDAY and she said that we were all a bunch of idiots and we should just pick up the phone and call instead of leave witty comments here and there. I think I like that idea of a handwritten letter though...
2. I also once condemned music in blogs in one of my posts and I think I offended a few people and now they don't have music anymore. Two points for me. Yeah...

Here are two reasons why I do not think we are the same person:
1.You understand the computer and know how to make neat things like book covers with it.
2. We've only been best friends for a few months. If we were the same person we would've been best friends for longer.