Friday, August 29, 2008

"Studying" for a quiz.

I'm in this Greek and Roman Art History class right now. The teacher is really concerned with helping us to place what we are learning in its original context and as part of that she gave us a list of 40 historical sites that pertain somehow to what we are studying. For a second I was concerned about how I was going to study for it when suddenly I was inspired with the thought "I wonder if I could make a geography quiz out of it?" The only two things I really ever do on facebook are: 1. Accept people who want to be my friends (this doesn't happen too much, at last count I think there were 54). And, 2. Play the geography quiz. Turns out it's very easy to do, I simply plugged in my 40 locations and each game it randomly pulls up 15 of them. It's basically taking flash cards and adding a level of interactivity and points.

I got such a feeling of satisfaction doing this that I had to bring Whit up and show her. She wasn't quite as excited as I was and will probably give me a hard time for posting about it on here but if I can't toot my own horn on my blog where can I?

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Morgan said...

toot-toot! way to go!