Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Is that really where rainbows come from?

Here are the postcards we did for the upcoming Undergraduate Art Show. In case you need some convincing of my artistic talent I'll let you in on a little secret: I drew the unicorn. I know, I'm pretty good. I'm kind of a big deal up here. People know me. Anywho, I've got to figure out what I'm going to enter into the show. I'm thinking that I'll do one of my new self portrait. I haven't got images of the work in progress up yet because it's 12x16 and my scanner will only do about 8 1/2x11. It's looking pretty good so far, you'll just have to trust me until I can get a hold of a bigger scanner (or a camera). But you can trust me, I'm the guy who drew the unicorn.

Tomorrow my snowboard's due. I've finished with the top, but I still haven't touched the bottom aside from getting rid of the Bluebird logo that shouldn't have been there. Chalk that one up to ignorance on my part. Once the board's turned in we get to start working on our next project, the snowboard catalog. We'll pick 7 boards from our classmates + our board and put the eight of them into a small 12 page catalog. It should be fun.

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Elizabeth said...

Nice unicorn! Looks fabuloso! I am anxious to see your self portrait so far. Why can't you just take a pic of it with your camera? Do you not have another camera since your got stolen? Also what's the latest on your 1982 album cover project? Is it really going to be a project? Cuz I have been looking for cool covers for some possible candidates... so I just want to know if I am waisting my time. Also Christian and I want to have you guys over for dinner when you are in town...