Thursday, July 17, 2008

A digital graverobber.

Shortly before Whit and I got home from Switzerland I sat down with her to have what to me was a very serious discussion. I love the advent of digital photography and everything it brings to the table. I love that it has liberated people and allowed them to take as many pictures as you want and there is that instant gratification, being able to see the picture immediately after taking it. The one disadvantage of digital is that probably 99% of photos never escape the digital realm. The computer has become a graveyard for photos and that is something I feel is borderline sinful. There's something much more intimate about being able to hold a photo and see it on paper.

After devoting so much of our time in Switzerland to taking pictures I wanted to make sure to not disrespect the photos and convict them to a life of nothingness on my hard drive. Especially after having my hard drive crash this past Spring Break and losing everything in the six months or so that I hadn't backed up. So I talked to Whit about investing in a good photo album to display some of our pictures. I searched all over town trying to find an album similar to our wedding photo album, something that would hold 200-300 photos, preferably in red. Much to my avail all I found was scrapbooking crap. Through becoming increasingly frustrated it finally dawned on me that maybe our wedding album would have the brand name in it and I could just look it up online. And the rest is history. We ordered a nice red photo album from Kolo that holds 300 photos and I took it in to work and printed a white swiss cross on it. And there you have it.

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Heather said...

That's TOTALLY how I feel about the digital realm of photos. I'm proud of you guys! The book looks awesome! Matt and I like you guys!