Monday, February 2, 2009


A little about photogravure. It's like the unwanted lovechild of photo and printmaking. I say unwanted because most of the photo people I have talked to say it's more of a printmaking process while the printmakers claim the opposite. Nothing like nobody wanting you for Christmas.

That said, it's a great process. The jist of it is that you take a photo like the one above, make a transparency out of it and through a series of tedious steps etch it onto a copper plate then print said plate Intaglio-style. My result wasn't as good as some of the others and I don't feel like it's done. Aside from lacking a whole lot of contrast I'd like to try some multiple-plate stuff and maybe add some color just to see what happens. I'll post the results as they come.


Em said...

Would you go so far as to call it the unwanted redheaded stepchild??
Cuz I think its neet.

the farlanderz said...


I am diggin on your goods. I have been out of the scene way too long and am feeling the mad craving! I am going to have to pick your brain when I have a break from school. Maybe this summer?
Take care,