Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quote unquote fantastic.

Fantastic Mr. Fox came out on video yesterday. Needless to say I picked it up on my lunchbreak and we watched it again last night. I had forgotten just how much I love that movie. It quickly made its way into my "Top 5." What else is on my "Top 5" you ask? Well, at the moment all I can remember is Groundhog's Day and Stranger Than Fiction. I really like the Brothers Bloom but I'm not sure it can replace the two movies I can't remember right now. It might be number 6. And there are great movies like Son of Rambow and (500) Days of Summer, but I don't think they quite make the cut either. Turns out I might not have a physical list of 5 films that I hold closer to my heart than any other. It might just be a euphemism for saying, "I really, really like these movies" where the ones that don't make the cut I only really like (only one "really"). Then there are those movies that I hold in whatever body part is the opposite of the heart, like Eragon and Jumper, that I wish I could go back in time to convince myself to schedule a dentist appointment for the showtime of the movie instead of subjecting myself to sit through it. Even the painfully bad Riding the Bus with My Sister doesn't quite make that cut.

I wish I could find good bandit hats like these.


the farlanderz said...

you aren't going to believe this but we actually haven't seen it yet -
what kind of wes fans are we, honestly...

we will remedy this weekend.
over and out.

ps - can you email me info about purchasing one of your steve zisou pieces. we NEED one for the nursery.

Adrienne said...

I like these friends of yours. Steve Zisou in the nursery. A great way to start your baby's day.

Can you make a "bottom 5" list? Because I really think "Riding the Bus With My Sister" really should have some recognition. Even more than not making your top 5.

Em said...

I loved this film as well. As soon as it was over Shawn announced. I guess we'll have to buy that one. :)
WE own many movies. but I own 3. Strangers than Fiction, Dummy, and Big Business. Guess it'll soon be FOUR.

Em said...

STRANGER than fiction. I don't know here that 2 came from.