Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Procrastination is an art major's best friend.

I've got quite a bit to do today and so of course I'm procrastinating and writing a post on my blog instead of being responsible and working. I finally finished my print of the banjo player that came onto our train in Switzerland. It was my first real foray into the world of color woodblocks and I learned a lot from it. One thing we ended up having to do in this print was use a dark brown instead of black. It still reads about the same with the added exception of some warmth. The black was too stark and cold and just didn't flow well with the other colors.

Today I looked out my window and saw this doll that somehow made its way onto our roof. Naturally I grabbed my camera, crawled out the window and took some pictures. Truth be told it kind of gives me the creeps. Why is that? If instead some little girl were playing with it I wouldn't give it a second thought but since it's on my roof I can't help but think that it crawls over to my window in the middle of the night with homicidal thoughts and watches me sleep, just biding its time for the perfect opportunity. Well, it seems to me that said opportunity was today, when I walked out on the roof without a safety harness. It could have waited until my back was turned and given me a little push towards the edge. Matt: 1, Creepy Doll: 0. Better luck next time.

I may have gotten a little carried away with that last paragraph. But here are some pictures:

I also learned today from Scott Hansen's blog that one of my favorite bands The Whitest Boy Alive has recently released a new album. Scott has a single on his website you can listen to (I already have 4 times) or you can download the album in its entirety on iTunes now, or wait until the 30th when it will be released on cd.


Adrienne said...

creepiest post ever.

Thanks for the heads up on The Whitest Boy Alive. I can't wait to hear it!

Em said...


It was more phenom in person than I could dare imagine.

And your latest also looks superb.

Thank you thank you thank Matt. :)
keep up the pretty procrastination.

Katie Jo said...

I really like this color scheme you have going on with your photos. I call it a color scheme because I have no better words at 1:49 am...maybe a few months ago when these were normal hours for me to keep, but mind is mush.

Wow...but really, love the tint...blueish goodness mixed with green.

oh, and apparently I'm not smart enough to use my photoshop book. meemers.