Friday, November 30, 2007

USU Print Sale

The past two days the "Printmaking Guild" has had a print sale. I wasn't planning on entering anything originally, but after some convincing by my teacher and a couple friends I entered in 3 pieces to be sold. Ultimately I assumed that only one print would sell, the one I posted here below. But, as of 4ish this afternoon two of the three were sold and the one left was the only one I expected to sell. Turns out my face must be the moneymaker since both prints sold were self-portraits. It felt pretty cool to sell them, being the first prints I've ever sold. Tomorrow I'll post some images of them.

Another cool thing about selling the prints is that one of them was actually sold to the USU housing... something, to put into some of the on-campus housing. So technically I have a piece in the University collection.

Whit and I are both pretty stoked about our purchases, though not about the money we spent (more than we should have). We have such talented people in the program up here. Now we just need to have it framed so we can proudly display it all.

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